Senorics develops customizable sensor solutions for VIS and NIR spectroscopy. We address applications and processes in all industries that want or need to determine constituents or compositions of raw materials, consumables or end products. Here is where we excel:


Identify and even authenticate the substance you are analyzing.


Discover whether the analyzed sample meets your quality requirements or not.


Get an idea of how much of a certain substance is in your sample.


The following depiction describes the general process of VIS and NIR spectroscopy, that is also used for our sensor solutions.

1. Illumination

The sample to be analyzed is illuminated with a light source that emits visible or infrared (VIS/IR) lightwaves.

2. Reflection & Absorption

The emitted lightwaves are either being reflected by, transmitted through or absorbed by the sample.

3. Detection

A detector then detects the light waves reflected by or transmitted through the sample and translates them into data.

4. Identification

This data is processed to create the optical "fingerprint" of the sample, to allow the identification of ingredients, such as water, alcohol, etc.


The fact that we are able to offer an array of solutions to our customers is due to the unique combination of sensor properties that have been made possible with our technology:

Fully customizable

Individual sensors for individual applications. Our technology allows us to build fully customized sensor chips regarding pixel count, wavelengths covered, size and more.

Robust, small, mobile

Less components, more flexibility. Our technology can do without optical elements like gratings. The resulting monolithic sensors are robust, small and mobile friendly.

Broad spectral coverage

Capturing light from 400nm to 1700nm - our sensors can cover both the visible (VIS) as well as the near-infrared (NIR) spectrum with one integrated chip.


Get inspired by some sample applications. Feel free to contact us when you think we might be able to help you!

NIR Spectroscopy for Breweries

Measure alcohol & sugar content in beer - fast & simple

NIR Spectroscopy for Smart Farming
Smart Farming

Get real-time data on macro-nutrients in animal feed

NIR Spectroscopy for Packaging Industry

Detect the water content in cardbord and paper

NIR Spectroscopy for Vintners

Check if grapes are ready to be harvested & analyze wine

NIR Spectroscopy for Dairy Industry
Dairy Industry

Measure protein & fat concen-tration - offline and online

NIR Spectroscopy for Predictive Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance

Monitoring lubricants for better maintenance intervalls

Plastics Processing

Detect the thickness of your plastic sheets inline

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Dr. Ronny Timmreck    

  • Seasoned entrepreneur with outstanding leadership abilities and the persistence to succeed.
  • Holds a PhD in organic electronics, thus incorporating business skills and technological understanding.


Robert Langer    

  • Former start-up coach with vast knowledge of business and customer development techniques.
  • Comprehensive experience of lean start-up principles to successfully develop business models.

Dr. Robert Brückner  

  • Excellent scientist, holding a PhD in organic electronics.
  • His exceptional understanding of the underlying physical principles ensures that our technology is as good as the laws of physics allow.


Dr. Matthias Jahnel  

  • Expert for semiconductor processes and their ramp-up, who successfully implemented organic electronics manufacturing processes.
  • He is keen on ramping up a disruptive technology to industrial scale.



  • Spin-off of the Integrated Center of Applied Physics and Photonic Materials of the University of Technology Dresden, Germany, founded in 2017.
  • Specializes in designing and manufacturing optical spectroscopic sensor solutions for industrial applications, such as quality control and process monitoring.
  • Products and services include customized sensors, corresponding software and calibration models.
  • Developed proprietary new sensor technology for detecting visible and near-infrared light.


FutureSAX Award 2016


Since its formation, Senorics was able to win several awards and competitions:

  • FutureSAX Ideenwettbewerb 2016
  • Zukunftspreis der Sächsischen Wirtschaft 2016
  • Technology Fight Night, Jena 2016
  • LOPEC Start-up competition: Most Impactful Technology
  • WECONOMY Die Gründerinitiative 2018
  • Participant of EIT food accelerator 2018
  • AMA Innovationspreis 2019: Sonderpreis Junges Unternehmen
  • Winner of Feed the Future by Lely
  • Participant of German Accelerator in Silicon Valley
  • Winner of SPIE Startup Challenge


Has your desired industrial application not been amongst the examples shown? Contact us today to find out how Senorics can help your business to gain new insights and how your problems can be solved with our technology!

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