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Did the waiter really serve me diet coke or is it regular coke? Do I need to fertilize my plants? What kind of stain is that on my garment and how do I clean it best? Wouldn‘t it be great to check all of this for yourself, making decisions based not only on guessing but also on data?


Empowering everybody to make the best possible decision, including intuition and experience as well as data is our vision. Creating the spectroscopic tools necessary to facilitate this data-based decision making is our mission.

From bulky lab equipment to small and lightweight mass-market tools

NIR (Near Infrared) spectroscopy is a well established and perceived technology in labs worldwide. It measures the unique “optical fingerprint” of substances by detecting their specific absorption characteristics in the near infrared (NIR) wavelength range. Yet the equipment is bulky, expensive and very sensitive to disturbances like vibrations.

We basically take this technique to the next application level by using our patented and proprietary technology allowing small, lightweight, low cost and very robust sensor-chips in the size of a fingernail.

In short: We transform NIR spectroscopy from a bulky and expensive lab technology to a widespread mass market tool.

Senorics NIR Evaluation Kit 1.0 // © Senorics / neongrau

With our innovative technology you are able to measure substances in a wide range of solids and liquids such as those found in food, agricultural products, plastics, textiles and medicines – with small and handy devices or even with the sensor integrated in the smartphone.

Thus, we can deliver unique solutions for a multitude of measurement and detection problems. Examples are determining ingredients or compositions of raw materials, consumables or end products in the food, chemistry, textile, packaging or automotive industry and many other branches. To integrate our sensors in equipment such as washing machines or smartphones, we are interested in and already working on corporate projects with manufacturers around the world.

Are you interested in our technology and want to know how you can benefit from NIR spectroscopy, feel free to contact us!

With the words of our CEO Ronny Timmreck:

The use of NIR spectroscopy should become as natural as using the navigation system in my phone. Is it possible to live without? Yes, of course. But using it makes life so much more convenient.


The founder team: A perfect match

The team combines a broad spectrum of experiences and abilities.


Dr. Ronny Timmreck (CEO)

Dr. Ronny Timmreck, CEO Senorics

Our Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ronny Timmreck is a seasoned entrepreneur with outstanding leadership abilities and the persistence to succeed.

On top, he holds a PhD in organic electronics, so he is one of the very rare examples incorporating business and sales skills as well as deep technological understanding.



Dr. Robert Brückner (CTO)

Dr. Robert Brückner, CTO Senorics

Chief Technology Officer Dr. Robert Brückner is an excellent scientist, holding a PhD in organic electronics.

He published articles in highly-ranked scientific journals and knows our technology in every detail.

His exceptional understanding of the underlying physical principles ensures that our technology is as good as the laws of physics allow – pure cutting-edge technology.


Robert Langer (CCO)

Robert Langer, CCO Seorics

Robert Langer, our Chief Commercial Officer, is a former start-up coach (holding an MBA) with vast knowledge of business and customer development techniques.

He has a comprehensive experience of lean start-up principles and customer development methodologies to successfully develop business models, product-market fit as well as market entry strategies.


Dr. Matthias Jahnel (CPO)

Dr. Matthias Jahnel, CPO Senorics

Chief Product Officer Dr. Matthias Jahnel is an expert for semiconductor processes and its ramp-up.

He already successfully implemented organic electronics manufacturing processes in the industry and is keen on ramping up a disruptive technology to industrial scale.


Are you interested in our technology and want to know how you can benefit from NIR spectroscopy? Contact us!

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