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Our Material Sensing Toolbox

The same way humans have a fingerprint that identifys them, materials have an optical fingerprint that identifies them. Spectroscopy makes those fingerprints visible. It allows the identification, differentiation and even quantification of substances in liquid or solid compositions. We call this Material Sensing and build spectroscopic sensors for it.

Our Material Sensing hardware, software and services form a powerful toolbox. It contains all necessary elements to integrate Material Sensing capabilities into existing products or develop new ones. Easy, affordable and ressource efficient.

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Get a deeper understanding
of Material Sensing
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  • Learn about Material Sensing
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Start using Material Sensing in your company
799€/quarter (2.999€/year)
  • Everything in Explore & Understand
  • 1 piece of hardware of your choice (device or component)
  • 2 measuring algorithm developments by Senorics per month
  • Unlimited measurements and algorithm result calculations
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Get your customized solution based on your needs
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  • Application consulting
  • Fully customizable Material Sensing solution development
  • Selection or combination of hardware, software and service
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