Possible applications and industries

Possible applications and industries

Textile Analysis with SenoCorder Solid


Experience the power of material classification with the textile identification demo case that can differentiate cotton, nylon, silk and polyester. Place the SenoCorder Solid on the textile, press the button to start the spectroscopic measurement and wait a moment. SenoSoft immediately tells you what fabric the textile is made of. Have a look at the video to see it in action.

Integrated textile and detergent detection for washing machines

Customers are overstrained by the excessive offer of detergents, special washing programs and textile needs. Therefore, they need a convincing solution how to achieve the perfect laundry without taking their precious time. Download this use case summary to learn more about the benefits of using VIS/NIR spectroscopy to detect textiles in the washing machine.

Identification of medical pills with SenoCorder Solid

Screenshot Pills

Identify active agents in medical pills with the power of NIR spectroscopy. This demo case can differentiate Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, Pantoprazol and more. Just place the medical pill on the measurement window of the SenoCorder Solid, press the button to start the spectroscopic measurement and wait a moment. SenoSoft immediately tells you the active agent in the pill. Take a look at the video to see how it works.

Identification of date rape drugs with SenoCorder Liquid

Screenshot Date rape drugs

In this prototype we show you how spectroscopy can help to identify date rape drugs (in this case Gamma-Butyrolactone) in drinks.

Are you interested to take this prototype to the next level? Feel free to contact us.

Moisture detection to reduce warp in currogated cardboard production

Unknown and varying moisture content in the paper leads to warping in corrugated board production. This results in 2% of corrugated board production directly being recycled as rejects. Download this use case summary to learn more about how to use our sensors to detect the moisture content during the production process.

Continuous in-car monitoring of coolant quality

Automotive engines rely on high-performance coolants to regulate their operating temperature. Aged coolant needs to be exchanged as soon as possible as it can cause severe damage to water pumps, heat gaskets, cylinder heads or the battery. Download this use case summary to learn more about how to use our sensors to monitor the coolant quality continuously and even identify the coolant type or detect erroneous fillings.

Quality and ripeness check of apples

For apple producers it is important to determine the right time to harvest their apples, to guarantee highest quality and storability for distributors and customers. Download this use case summary to see how you can easyly determine all relevant parameters such as sugar, acid content, firmness and starch index.

These days, it is very important for distributors of apples to know the quality and value of the produce, as well as their storage capability. Which apples need to be sold first, which batch can be stored over a longer period? The quality and shelf life can be judged using parameters like contents of sugar, acids and the firmness of the fruit flesh. But how exactly do you do this? Download our use case summary get to know.

There are more than 7.500 apple varieties in the world. Do you know all of them and whether you like a certain kind or not? You might have a favorite variety, but what if it isn‘t available? How can you determine which apple has the right level of acidity, sweetness, crunchiness and starchiness? How can you choose the perfect apple? Download our use case summary to learn how to to find your apple of choice not just once, but repeatedly.