Software SenoSoft

Download latest version of software SenoSoft using this link.

Navigate to section Software / Senosoft and click on download link.

Save zip-file in local folder, unzip into another local folder (using built-in Windows capabilities). Make sure you have full access rights to this folder, otherwise SenoSoft will not work properly. This will be your start up folder for SenoSoft, there is no installer. Bookmark the file start.bat located at Senosoft local folder / bin. This will be your starting point for using / executing SenoSoft.

1. Connect the battery pack with the SenoCorder Solid or SenoCorder Liquid by using the USB cable.

2. Battery pack will automatically turn on when connected to Senocorder Solid, blue indication lights will indicate battery charge status. If needed, manually turn on with single click on battery pack power button. Battery pack will turn off automatically after ~1 min non-use. Can be turned off manually by double click on battery pack power button.

3. Data connection to PC only via Bluetooth. If PC has no built-in Bluetooth connectivity use Bluetooth dongle included in this package. Follow installation instructions once the dongle is connected to your PC.

Make sure SenoSoft is either installed in a local folder with full access rights or that you have admin rights and started SenoSoft with “Start as Administrator”.

Make sure that the battery pack is (i) connected to the Senocorder Solid device, (ii) is turned on and (iii) is not connected to a USB port for charging at the same time when operating the device.

Recalibrate Senocorder Solid by using the re-calibrate button and follow the shown instructions.

Hardware and Devices

Use standard micro USB charging cable and charger (as typically used for your mobile phone) and fully recharge battery pack when only one indicator light remains lit on.