Senorics – who we are and what we aim for

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Did the waiter really serve me diet coke or is it regular coke? Do I need to fertilize my plants? What kind of stain is that on my garment and how do I clean it best? Wouldn‘t it be great to check all of this for yourself, making decisions based not only on guessing but also on data?   Empowering … Read More

Senorics behind the scenes:
Get to know our CEO Dr. Ronny Timmreck

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Our CEO Ronny Timmreck is a seasoned entrepreneur with outstanding leadership abilities and the persistence to succeed. On top, he holds a PhD in organic electronics. So he is one of the very rare examples incorporating business and sales skills as well as deep technological understanding.   In this interview he talks about his vision for Senorics, the most outstanding … Read More