About Us

We are Senorics, a high-tech spin-off from the University of Technology Dresden (TUD). We are specialized in designing and manufacturing optical spectroscopic sensor solutions for mass market applications. With our technology, material sensing is becoming easy and affordable.

Our technology is like the GPS back in the 1990s. Once it was just a toy for scientists and geeks. Today it’s in every smartphone and people can’t imagine living without it. This is what we’re working on: incorporate spectroscopy into people’s daily life.

Team of 35


Based on 10+ years
of research

Based in Dresden,

Senorics Leadership Team​

Dr. Ronny Timmreck
Founder and CEO

  • Seasoned entrepreneur with outstanding leadership abilities and the persistence to succeed.
  • Holds a PhD in organic electronics, thus incorporating business skills and technological understanding.

Dr. Robert Brückner
Founder and CTO

  • Excellent scientist, holding a PhD in organic electronics.
  • His exceptional understanding of the underlying physical principles ensures that our technology is as good as the laws of physics allow.

Dr. Matthias Jahnel
Founder and CPO

  • Expert for semiconductor processes and their ramp-up, who successfully implemented organic electronics manufacturing processes.
  • He is keen on ramping up a disruptive technology to industrial scale.

Robert Langer
Founder and CCO

  • Former start-up coach with vast knowledge of business and customer development techniques.
  • Comprehensive experience of lean start-up principles to successfully develop business models.

Senorics Team